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Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Wash Results

VFD Panel, Powered by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel

The Washnetics Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel leverages the power of Ethernet-based control to enable two-way communication with tunnel equipment such as the Accuwrap and Accuspin Top Washer, as well as components in the equipment room such as the High Pressure Pumping Station and Hydraulic Power Pack.



A single Ethernet cable going to each drive in the VFD Panel simplifies wiring and delivers bi-directional feedback providing you with the mission-critical information required to effectively manage your car wash. This level of connectivity creates a virtual on-site network that enables you to:


  • Quickly and easily configure equipment using the Human Machine Interface (HMI), an easy-to-understand graphical interface that is accessed via the VFD’s onboard touchscreen display.

  • Confirm the status of key settings (e.g., Rated Amps vs. Actual Amps, Rated RPM vs. Actual RPM, Target PSI vs. Actual PSI) using the HMI to ensure equipment is operating at peak performance without the safety concern associated with going into the VFD cabinet.

  • Track event logs to determine any communications issues and/or errors that may be impacting car wash performance.

Greater Control, Reduced Operating Expenses, and Simplified Maintenance

In addition to providing improved communication and greater control, The Washnetics VFD Panel significantly reduces energy consumption and the associated utility costs. VFD systems allow a motor to work at it’s best efficiency point (BEP) whether the associated pump runs at total capacity (i.e., high wash volume days) or is dialed down during lower flow periods (i.e., low wash volume days) and can adjust to those changing operating conditions (i.e., intermittent wash volume) in real time ultimately saving energy consumption while ensuring dependable performance. By minimizing or eliminating inrush that occurs when starting a motor the Washnetics-enabled VFD Panel efficiently manages energy consumption to lower utility costs. For example, a motor that draws 30 amps during the course of normal, full-load operation may draw 90 or 100 amps upon startup; an inrush that if not properly managed can spike utility rates. By efficiently ramping up motor speeds VFD’s reduce the startup motor load and drastically reduce inrush currents.



VFD-enabled equipment experiences less wear and tear due to the VFD’s ability to make automated adjustments during operation as it compensates for different conditions. For example, VFD’s compensate when pressures run too high by altering motor speeds to avoid equipment failures. This automated defensive mechanism extends the lifespan of equipment and minimizes the maintenance required for critical components such as bearings, seals, and impellers.



As well as protecting motors and pumps, the VFD Panel protects itself by utilizing an onboard air conditioner to effectively control heat and humidity, which combined, are the primary cause of failure for internal VFD components. In addition, line reactors are deployed with each VFD drive to prevent harmonics from propagating into the control systems and negatively impacting the performance of car wash equipment.


In summary, the Washnetics Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel provides you with a wide range of benefits that include greater control, reduced operating expenses, and simplified maintenance; all of which contribute to car wash success.

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