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Our most economical payment terminal is a great choice for C-Stores and In-Bay Automatic Washes.


SmartStart Pro

It’s the smart way to get started! As one of the most affordable payment terminals on the market, the new
ICS SmartStart Pro cost-effectively enables secure car wash transactions. Powered by our WashConnect
management software, the 10.4” touchscreen and multiple cashless payment options help speed your
customers through the purchase. Customizable decals, graphics, and videos reinforce your brand and
offer the ability to cross-promote other products.

  • 10.4” full-sunlight-readable touchscreen display,
    combined with an intuitive user interface, supports
    a quick and easy transaction as well as a positive
    customer experience.

  • Provides your customers with the convenience of
    multiple contactless payment options: EMV, Tap N Pay, Mobile Pay, gift card, fleet card, wash book, wash code, RFID/LPR, ePOS, and mobile app.

  • Customizable decals, on-screen graphics, videos, and
    animations complement your brand, help effectively
    market your car wash program, and enable cross
    marketing of products in other key categories:
    Food Service, Beverages, etc.

  • Efficiently manage your car wash program with
    real-time financial information that is easily accessible from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Ensure the health of your car wash network by
    accessing uptime statistics and detailed event logs, or
    receive e-mail alerts for your payment terminals as well as select car wash equipment.

  • Simplify your PCI compliance requirements and
    protect your customer’s credit card data with the
    most secure payment process possible, validated
    point-to-point encryption.

  • Supports multiple languages

All this while you easily access real-time financial results from your PC, tablet, or mobile. Get started today!

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