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Provides Presell and Wash Entrance Control

Supports Your Loyalty Rewards Program


Washpad can be configured to serve as a Car Wash Presell Terminal:

  • Set the default greeter to track sales performance

  • Enter license plates to track customers and provide loyalty rewards

  • Enter desired car wash services with “HotKeys” for faster, more accurate entry

  • Print two presell tickets – one to program the car wash and another for the Point of Sale

Washpad can be configured as a Car Wash Tunnel Entrance Terminal:

  • ​Manually enter the ticket number and automatically program the car wash

  • Scan the presell ticket for fast, accurate data entry

  • Automatically fire the roller when a car wash is programmed to maintain higher car counts

​Remote time clock capabilities:

  • Install your Washpad in the car wash employee break room, or any convenient location, and use its timeclock functionality to log your car wash employees in and out

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