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Our Global Scope Provides Benefits to All Customers, Around the World, and at Home!

About ICS

Our Mission

Innovative Control Systems is the industry-leading provider of technology solutions for the car wash industry. It is our mission to leverage our experience as car wash operators, our position as a market leader, and our ability to incorporate advanced technology into visionary products, to enable our customers to differentiate their operations, achieve a distinct competitive advantage, and maximize their earnings.

Defining the World of Car Wash Technology

ICS History

Kevin Detrick, founder of ICS, was not satisfied with the computerized management and control systems that were available in the late 1980s for his own car wash. Convinced that technology could improve the profitability of his car wash, and for all car wash operators, he founded ICS in 1988.

Over the course of the next 33 years, ICS pioneered numerous technology-based innovations for the car wash industry including Tunnel Master, an integrated tunnel controller and point-of-sale management system (1988), the first gated Express car wash (2001), the first payment terminal with cash dispensing (2004), and the development of Washnetics, the science of automating the car wash process (2017).


The corporate headquarters has expanded and relocated to Bethlehem, PA to a high-tech 30,200 sq. ft. third-floor suite. An employee cafeteria features healthy food choices prepared by an onsite chef and sold at company cost. Complimentary coffee, cappuccino, and fountain drinks are available to all employees all day long. Enhancing the work environment by bringing nature indoors, a garden grows as a living wall comprised of 700 plants keeping the office air fresh and is positioned adjacent to the cappuccino bar and seating area. A fitness center is open 24/7 for all employees. The production operations facility of 52,000 sq. ft. is housed in a completely renovated state-of-the-art building a few blocks away from the corporate headquarters.

In January 2021, ICS was acquired by Dover and its OPW business unit. ICS is now proudly part of OPW’s Vehicle Wash Solutions platform of brands, which includes PDQ and Belanger. This acquisition will enable ICS to expand its already robust product portfolio, software capabilities and customer support programs, ultimately enabling car wash owners to maximize their profits.

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