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WashNow! Mobile App

ICS’s new, state-of-the-art mobile app automates the purchase process to increase throughput, enhance customer satisfaction, and differentiate your car wash from the competition. WashNow! provides your car wash customers with a secure, password-protected account and enables your customers to purchase your car wash services anytime, anywhere.



  • Offer Contactless Transactions

  • Sell your car wash services anytime, anywhere

  • Provides your customers with a quick and easy way to purchase wash services, washbooks, gift cards, and wash clubs



WashNow! Mobile App
Offer Contactless Transactions!

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WashNow! Mobile App
WashNow! Mobile App

With WashNow! Mobile App you can...

  • Provide your customers with a password-protected account for conducting business at your sites

  • Provide a visual history of your customer's purchases including date, time, service purchased, and remaining balance

  • Provide your customers with three easy ways to redeem their purchases at the payment terminal: through beacon technology ( if applicable), entering a barcode, or entering a wash code

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