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Increases Wash Performance &
Improves Overall Customer Experience


Entrance Management Display

Entice Your Customers To Purchase More While Keeping Them Informed, Engaged & Safe

Exit Management Display

Your solution for increasing tunnel throughput, minimizing damage claims, and improving the wash experience.

Entrance and Exit Management System.png

See What Our Customers Are Saying

"The custom menus and videos allow operators to highlight the key products that are important to raising ticket averages. Promoting products and services at your pay station can also help your customers make a quicker, more informed decision about which services they want."

~ Blake Richardson,
Rich’s Car Wash


"As a veteran full service car wash operator, I never believed that an express exterior wash could perform as well. So, when I built my second location as an express, with the advice from ICS, it was a real eye-opener for me. What a difference in labor savings and bottom line profit."

~ Galloway Express Wash


"One reason I chose Innovative Control Systems is Kevin and Brian and their forward R&D thinking. They are always looking at new and exciting ways to market and they spend a lot of time testing before they put something out there. I would recommend ICS to anyone who needs a great POS and expandable marketing system."

~ Richard Bailey,
Wash Time Express

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