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Monitor, Manage, and Market Your Car Wash
with an Auto Sentry!

Advanced Marketing Capabilities
Environmental Controls

Make a great first impression on new customers and continue to wow current customers with the Auto Sentry® flex, payment terminal. This outdoor, unattended point-of-sale terminal welcomes customers to your wash and provides clear and inviting upsell opportunities through video and audio - increasing upsales, throughput, and profits.


Auto Sentry® flex

Auto Sentry flex

Auto Sentry® flex is a multimedia payment terminal

The Auto Sentry® flex is a multimedia payment terminal that is built around a 17” full sunlight-readable touchscreen. It includes bill, coin, and credit card acceptance, bar-code scanning, up to 3 coin or token dispensing hoppers, and up to three denominations in the bill dispenser.

The Auto Sentry® flex features an intuitive user interface that is designed to create a better customer experience while delivering precise instructions to your customer; from the initial greeting, all the way through the end of the transaction.

  • Secure your site with an EMV & PCI Compliant Solution

  • Enhance your customers’ experience with the new 17” high definition touch screen display

  • Simplify maintenance with new design improvements

Test out and see for yourself, what it is like to use our payment terminal, with our interactive screen flow.

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