Touch IT POS terminal is designed for fast and efficient sales processing at the car wash tunnel entrance.


With Stainless Steel Stand

The Solution for Increased Throughput at the Tunnel Entrance
Mounted at the entrance of the tunnel, the Touch IT (Touch Input Terminal) improves the efficiency of your operation by enabling the tunnel operator to add or remove vehicles from the stack, add services to vehicles, apply equipment retracts, reprint receipts, and conduct a tunnel wet down. 


  • Touchscreen point-of-sale terminal is designed for 
    fast and efficient sales processing at the tunnel entrance.

  • Available Cash Drawer, Stainless Steel Cabinet, and Stand provides security and extends the life of the Touch IT POS Terminal.

Touch IT POS

Touch POS.png

Touch IT POS can be wall mounted or optional Stainless Steel Cabinet and Stand for additional security.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm impressed with ICS's Entrance & Exit Management System, and their new Digital Menu. These innovative products provide functionality that will help car wash owners differentiate their wash from the competition."

~ Joe Muscarella, WNY Carwash Systems


"I cannot believe I waited this long to implement it. I am enjoying the monthly recurring revenue which helps offset those days when we cannot wash cars due to inclement weather."

~ Glen Sheeley, Sheeley Car Wash


"We have been using ICS equipment for several years now in our express tunnel car washes. The entire ICS team has been professional, courteous, and knowledgeable whenever we have had an issue or inquired about new equipment. We would highly recommend them to any other car wash operator."

~ Gregory Farkas, Auto Wash Car Wash