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ICS's WashNow! Online Store for Car Washes
Our new ePOS is so reimagined, it’s not called ePOS.

Our new ICS eCommerce solution is the innovative successor to our current ePOS product. The WashNow! Online Store features a robust, intuitive design, boasts high customizability, and provides a frictionless shopping experience.

Sudzy Sponge Car Wash WashNow! Online Demo Store
Gleam & Shine Car Wash WashNow! Online Demo Store
Ohana Car Wash WashNow! Online Demo Store

See the Difference

Enhanced Experience


Rapid One-Page Checkout preloads the checkout page with an item in the cart. This seamlessly enables customers to immediately input their information and finalize their purchase efficiently. 

What Can Be Customized?

WashNow! Online Store. Designed by the Agency at ICS, Powered by ICS

The WashNow! Online Store banner feature offers unparalleled versatility, enabling switching out banners with complete customization control over size, the design, and the option to remove or add banners as desired, regardless of size or quantity.

The online store provides extensive flexibility for customization, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate your logo, icons, verbiage, and color scheme to reflect your brand's unique identity.

The Online Store Graphics can be tailored to align perfectly with your brand's identity, allowing for ample customization options without stringent size limitations.

Even the text on store buttons can be easily edited to reflect your brand's messaging, complemented by a branded color scheme that enhances your brand identity and fosters consistency across the platform.

The footer of the online store can be tailored to mirror the design elements of your website's footer, creating a unified and professional appearance across your entire online presence.

Demo Stores


  • Customer Support
    The Customer Support Team, the largest ICS department, is dedicated to ensuring the success of our valued customers 365 days a year and 24/7. This team of highly trained technicians and support personnel is expertly capable of fielding calls, successfully handling questions and resolving issues. Software Support Representative Technical Support Positions Receptionist (CA)
  • Development
    The Development Team, also known as our Engineering Department, is responsible for transforming requirements into products by applying principles of engineering to software development. ICS follows Agile software development methodology and a rigorous QA process which ensures the delivered products meet customer requirements. Software Engineer / Developer: C, C++ Software Engineer
  • Production
    The ICS Production Team is responsible for assembling automated controls equipment for the car wash industry. This equipment includes payment kiosks, tunnel control systems, web based controllers, PC's and motherboards, vacuums, and motor control centers. The production team is also responsible for troubleshooting and repairing any returned equipment. Purchasing Buyer/Planner
Demo Stores

Demo Stores

Visit our three demo sites to experience the functionality of the WashNow! Online Store firsthand. These templates showcase a variety of layouts and features, ranging from bright and playful to modern and sleek.

Your WashNow! Online Store will be constructed using one of these three demo stores as the foundational template. We also provide the option for a fully customized online store to meet any design and layout preferences you may have.

Ready to build or enhance your online store?
WashNow! Online Store. Designed by the Agency at ICS, Powered by ICS
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