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Your Secure, Unattended Car Wash
Payment Solution

Increase Revenue
Cross Market
Achieve PCI Compliance
EMV Tap Cards and Mobile Wallets Accepted 
Real-time Management Information

Auto Sentry® Petro

The cashless payment solution for express car washes, In-bays, and the petroleum market.

The Auto Sentry® Petro, payment terminal is a cost-effective solution for providing your customers with the convenience of a cashless express lane along with our RFID or LPR Auto Passport systems. 

By dedicating a lane for customers paying by credit card or utilizing their wash club membership - you can reduce your upfront costs, improve throughput, and enhance customer convenience.

EMV credit card processing, Tap N Pay, and mobile wallets allow customers to pay with the confidence of a safe and secure transaction.

Video marketing will drive customers to upgrade their club programs and extra service options - increasing revenue and informing your customers of your valued services. Custom branded Auto Sentry Petro videos and graphics are created by The Agency At ICS. The Agency provides car wash marketing services exclusively for ICS customers. For more information on The Agency’s car wash marketing services, visit:

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Offering the Best Choice for All Your Car Wash Needs

  • EMV Chip and NFC Card Readers with PINless Debit 

  • Full EMV PCI Compliant Solutions

  • EMV Tap Cards and Mobile Wallets Accepted

  • Card Holder Data Encrypted at the Device and Sent Direct to Processor

  • No Card Data Ever Touched or Stored by ICS Software

  • PIN Debit is Optional

  • Real-time Multi-site Data

  • Multi-site Code Acceptance

  • 24/7 Support

  • Over 30 Years Serving the Car Wash Industry