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The Industry Leader in EMV & PCI Compliance

Secure Your Car Wash


EMV & PCI Compliant Solution

Since its founding in 1988, ICS has been at the forefront of payment technology in the car wash industry. With the use of better software and hardware, we have been providing EMV & PCI compliance solutions since 2014.

  • NFC – Android Pay, Apple Pay & Contactless

  • Process Fleet Cards (WEX) etc.

  • PCI-PTS 5.X, SRED, EMV Level 1, 2, and 3

  • PIN Debit and PINless Debit

EMV in an unattended car wash environment requires effective communication. Our CAGE software API communicates to the card reader to improve transaction flow, reduce errors, and monitor the status of the transaction.

  • Real-time corrective commands to customer and card reader improve the transaction success rate
    Monitor progress states – Our software knows what state the reader is in, what event is expected next, and provides corrective action as necessary
    Monitor Error Codes – We react to error codes, such as removing the card early and send corrective commands to the customer

  • End-to-end encryption to processor makes PCI compliance easy

  • Direct to processor.  No gateway fees!

  • Tokens generated for all transactions across all platforms, simplifying voids, recurring billing, and refunds

  • CAGE API keeps your car wash out of PA-DSS scope and no card holder data is ever exposed

  • Terminal Management Services provide remote access
    Monitor all deployed readers
    Provide tamper monitoring
    Provide PCI mandated reboots
    Update software

EMV PCI Solutions by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)
PCI Validated Payment Application
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