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Unleash the Full Power of the ICS Multi-Site Management and Point-of-Sale System

Tunnel Entrance, Lobby & Portable Devices



The industry’s most robust multi-site car wash management solution. It is your key to connecting all of your ICS car wash components to leverage the full power of the ICS system. Benefit from a wealth of real-time financial, operational, and performance data to measure and manage the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of your organization.

  • Replace tags anywhere onsite

  • Look up Club/Fleet program

  • Activate at Auto Sentry if tag is not reading properly

  • Documents damage claims

  • Complete a Club purchase started at the Auto Sentry

  • Create customer surveys to track customer feedback

  • Enable customers to sign up for promotions

  • Use Android, Apple, or Windows Tablets

Wash Tab

Wash Tab

WashConnect® Mobile App

View all of your site's activities for up-to-the-minute information.

Download WashConnect® Mobile App

WashConnect Mobile App
Car Wash POS and Technology Solutions

Available for Apple and Android phones.

WashConnect® Mobile App is a management portal that offers ICS customers access to view financial reports. The reports that can be accessed include, Cars Washed, Employees Working, Employees Not Working, Terminal Balances, Labor Cost, Sales Distribution, and Comparison Data for different date ranges. The Mobile App also gives weather information on each of the sites with a forecast for the next five days and an aggregate of cars washed for the month on a calendar.

Washconnect app


  • Integrated time clock provides real-time labor statistics

  • Total control over finances – know where every dollar is and how it has been earned 

  • Control labor to determine the best staffing solution; track and analyze each employee

  • Touch screen point-of-sale application is designed for fast and efficient sales processing.
    Sell anywhere on the property: tunnel entrance, lobby, portable device, and hand finished services area 

  • Washpad provides for presell and wash entrance control functionality 

Connect with Your
Performance Data

  • See information about your wash via smart phone with the WashConnect® app

  • Monitor employee productivity, 
    equipment performance, and payment for services

  • Choose what’s important for you to see on your customizable single screen dashboard

  • As your business grows,
    WashConnect® grows with you

Task-Centric Reporting

  • The Financial Overview Report is ideally suited for the controller level of your organization

  • The Vehicle Statistical Report 
    provides full information for your Operations Manager

  • The Cash Management reporting allows you to manage all of the site’s cash in real time

  • The Maintenance Supervisor has visibility into the status, statistics, 
    and event history of every device at every site

Site and Alert Monitoring

  • Improve up-time performance across all of your sites with real-time device monitoring

  • Monitor and track component 
    performance with comprehensive 
    event logs

  • Alerts and site monitoring emails or text messages are sent to key individuals in your organization 
    informing them of component failures, service notifications, 
    and issues before they 
    interrupt your business

Many Ways to Configure and View Your Information and Analyze Data

  • Reporting levels - structure up to 10 custom reporting levels - 
    corporate, region, state, site, etc.

  • Control what level and type of information employees have access to 

  • Monitor real-time operational and 
    financial data for your entire business

Web Help
WashConnect Web Help

Web Help

Web Help puts the control in the car wash operator’s hands with access to over 700 pages of "help" topics, including:

  • Provides detailed answers to any question, on any page, to tell you exactly what you need to know

  • Use Web Help to unleash the full power of WashConnect - ICS’s multi-site management and Point-Of-Sale system

WashConnect Web Help

Take your knowledge to the next level with eLearning Car Wash Training System for WashConnect

eLearning Car Wash Training for WashConnect
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