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Inside the Tunnel Master wbc

Advanced Car Wash Equipment Control

Improves Car Wash Quality and Provides a Better Customer Experience!


Tunnel Master® wbc

From full entrance management to safe tunnel exit – and every car wash process in between – the Tunnel Master® wbc is your best choice. Benefit from the most versatile, expandable, and affordable web-based controller.  Gain the power to control every aspect of your tunnel, reduce water, chemical, and power consumption, and safely operate your tunnel with maximum efficiency.

  • Embedded design delivers reliability that PC-based solutions cannot match

  • Change the timing of tunnel equipment with wireless devices 

  • Expandable up to 192 outputs with up to 10 profiles each

  • 48 programmable inputs provide real-time 
    equipment response and system alerts

  • Adjust tunnel timing with your tablet or mobile device

Tunnel Master wbc.png

Tunnel Master® Jr.

First introduced in 1998, the ICS Tunnel Master® Jr. is the industry’s hardest working, most affordable controller.

Utilizing an embedded computer solution can control your entire car wash tunnel with or without a PC. Eliminating a PC eliminates a potential point of failure. The on-board processor stores relay override activity and car counts.

  • Simple, versatile, and dependable

  • 16 service options stored internally, expandable up to 32 service combinations

  • Car wash technicians can change settings easily with the on-board keypad or with a PC


Washnetics is based on autonetics, the science of the use and development of automated devices used for control and guidance.

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