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Business Model

ICS provides car wash access systems tailored for In-Bay Automatic (Rollover) business model, where vehicles are parked in a wash bay and cleaned automatically. This business model offers several advantages:

  • Affordability: In-bay automatic car washes are cost-effective to build compared to many other models, providing a budget-friendly solution for business owners.

  • Space Efficiency: These car washes occupy less space, making them suitable for locations with limited real estate.

  • 24-Hour Operation: In-bay automatic car washes can operate without full-time attendance, ensuring round-the-clock accessibility for customers.

For car wash proprietors, the monthly revenue club membership ensures a consistent income stream, regardless of weather conditions.


  • Cost-Effective Solution: In-bay automatic washes are an economically sound choice with a smaller footprint, making them less expensive to build and suitable for smaller parcels, often found at gas stations or convenience store locations.

  • Low Maintenance and Fewer Claims: These washes generally require less maintenance and experience fewer damage claims compared to tunnel washes. In-bay automatic washes can operate without full-time attendants, enabling 24-hour operation for maximum customer convenience.


Discover the advantages of the In-Bay Automatic / Rollover Business Model – a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution suitable for various locations, including gas stations and convenience stores. Contact us today to explore how this model can enhance your business.

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