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Wash Better, Wash Faster, Wash Smarter, and Save!

Washnetics, The Science of Automating Car Wash Equipment by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)


The concept of autonetics, defined as "the science of the use and development of automated devices used for control and guidance", was originated in the 40's by North American Aviation (NAA), which is currently a division of Boeing. The development of autonetics laid the groundwork for some of America's most important military and aerospace accomplishments.

Washnetics is the application of autonetics to car wash equipment!

Washnetics provides three important benefits that will help car wash operators achieve repeatable wash quality, the key to success:

  • Automating wash equipment to clean a vehicle based on its specific size and shape

  • The control system has enough intelligence to "know" if the wash equipment is operating optimally

  • Real-time alerts are sent to operators if the wash equipment is not performing within specifications

Washnetics Cut Sheet

Washnetics Delivers Repeatable Quality by
Automating The Following Processes:


  • Chemistry is targeted based on the size of each vehicle


  • The Accuwrap Positioning System positions washers based on the shape of each vehicle

  • Sensors ensure the correct movement and penetration of the washer

Water Pressure

  • Higher pressure on wheels for aggressive cleaning

  • Lower pressure on doors for improved customer experience

  • Diagnostics indicate a clogged nozzle, or if a pump/motor needs serviced

Washnetics-enabled car wash equipment targets chemical application, friction, and water pressure for each specific vehicle which results in better cleaning, faster line speeds, and an improved customer experience.

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