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At ICS our People Make the Difference


Leadership Team

With over 180 team members, ICS has the resources and the experience to help you take your car wash program to the next level. In fact, our 11-member management team includes a number of current or former owners/operators; an experience that we offer to you, our customer, to make your car wash program a success. None of our competitors can offer this key differentiator; EXPERIENCE!

Warren Day

VP General Manager, OPW VWS


Kevin Ahnert

Business Unit Manager, Payment Systems & Controls


Brian Bath

Vice President of Sales

Rob Deal, Vice President International at Innovative Control Systems (ICS)

Rob Deal

Vice President International


Bill Myers

Director of Support & Car Wash Operations


Sham Devarunda

Director of Systems Engineering

Jason Sears, Director of Business Development at Innovative Control Systems (ICS)

Jason Sears

Director of Business Development


Scott Friedman

Director of Marketing

Kolinn Kramer

Production Supervisor


PJ Distefano

Operations Manager,
Manufacturing & Operation

ICS Sales Representatives

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