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Auto Passport RFID

While the Auto Sentry® flex payment terminal is delivering your car wash's personalized presentation, a two-lane Auto Passport system can process more than 30,000 cars in one month.

With RFID technology, we can identify each vehicle that passes through the wash. The data is time-stamped and stored for reporting. This all happens automatically, without user interaction.

  • Easily customize club and fleet programs. Custom-printed RFID tags automatically recognize the vehicle, display a particular menu, and trigger the appropriate retracts

  • Provides additional revenue by offering extra services or wash club upgrades

  • Electronic chip-enabled RFID tags are disabled automatically if tampered with or removed


Auto Passport LPR

License plate recognition technology is simple and easy with contactless enrollment for club members.

  • Utilizes leading-edge LPR technology to automate club membership sign up and processing

  • Industry-leading plate reads with an accuracy of 97+%

  • Delivers optimal customer experience and requires no attendant involvement

  • Track club members’ use to maximize revenue

  • Track every visit to understand frequency and buying habits