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Capture Online Sales

Market all of your site’s services online: washes, gift cards, wash clubs, etc.


ICS's ePOS is the secure eCommerce solution designed to drive your online car wash sales. The ePOS offers you an online store that links seamlessly to an existing car wash website to enable online car wash sales.

Car wash customers can use the ePOS system to purchase:

  • Individual Car Washes

  • Car Wash Books

  • Car Wash Club Memberships

  • Gift Cards

  • ...And More!

Each ePOS system is tailored to the specific services offered at the car wash, and includes customized graphics that give customers the impression that they never left the car wash operator’s website while they make their online purchases. 

Custom branded ePOS graphics are designed by The Agency At ICS. The Agency provides car wash marketing services exclusively for ICS customers. For more information on The Agency’s car wash marketing services, visit:

ICS’s eCommerce solution easily integrates into your existing car wash website and gives you the ability to market all of your car wash site's services online; individual car washes, gift cards, wash clubs, etc.

For car wash owners that have multiple car wash sites, a dropdown menu allows customers the convenience of choosing the car wash that they frequent most often, and each car wash site can have their own ePOS website to allow for more streamlined reporting in WashConnect®, as well as simplified bookkeeping.

Your website connects to the ePOS

Your Website

ePOS, electronic Point-of-Sale, is a secure eCommerce solution and online store by ICS.

Your ePOS

ePOS connects to WashConnect

Your WashConnect


See What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm impressed with ICS's Entrance & Exit Management System, and their new Digital Menu. These innovative products provide functionality that will help car wash owners differentiate their wash from the competition."

~ Joe Muscarella,
WNY Carwash Systems


"I cannot believe I waited this long to implement it. I am enjoying the monthly recurring revenue which helps offset those days when we cannot wash cars due to inclement weather."

~ Glen Sheeley,
Sheeley Car Wash


"We have been using ICS equipment for several years now in our express tunnel car washes. The entire ICS team has been professional, courteous, and knowledgeable whenever we have had an issue or inquired about new equipment. We would highly recommend them to any other car wash operator."

~ Gregory Farkas,
Auto Wash Car Wash

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