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Business Model

Express Exterior business model shines with decreased labor expenses, increased throughput, and elevated customer contentment.

For car wash proprietors, the monthly revenue club membership ensures a consistent income stream, regardless of weather conditions.


  • Efficient Operations: Utilizing automation in express exterior washes minimizes the need for additional staff, resulting in fixed labor expenses with just two or three on-site employees. This not only saves on costs but also enables extended operation hours, reducing overall payroll expenses.

  • Cost-Effective High Volume: Potentially lower pricing coupled with complimentary vacuum services drives substantial wash volumes. The simplicity of managing express exterior washes makes them easily replicable across multiple locations, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Improved Customer Experience: Addresses key
    concerns of traditional car wash customers, such as service speed, vacuuming quality, and interior window washing. The express exterior wash takes only three to five minutes, while customers handle vacuuming and window washing, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience.


Explore the next era of car washing through the Express Exterior Business Model, emphasizing efficiency, affordability, and customer delight. Join us in transforming the car wash industry. Connect with us today to discover more!

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