Delivering Repeatable Quality Through Car Wash Automation


AccuWrap Positioning System

The Accuwrap Positioning System was conceived 12 years ago as a solution for eliminating prep and delivering repeatable quality through car wash automation. After significant research and development over the past decade the car wash wrap system has been refined and perfected to optimize wrap washer performance.


  • Washers utilize the 3D image provided by the scanning arch to automatically adjust to the contours of each vehicle

  • Achieves optimal washer penetration

  • Improves cleaning, reduces damage, and provides a quieter wash for a better customer experience

  • Superior design and materials reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life (e.g., 1.2 million cars washed with no bearing wear or maintenance required)


Improves cleaning, reduces damage, and provides a quieter wash for a better customer experience

The Accuwrap Positioning System creates a scanned image of each vehicle using ultrasonic sensors which scan each vehicle in 1” slices as it enters the car wash. The scanned image of the vehicle is then tracked throughout the wash process enabling wrap washers to be positioned efficiently to maximize wash quality and minimize noise levels, in order to create the desired customer experience.

The image of the vehicle is used to actuate unique cams that are deployed as movable stops to position the washer properly and deliver a car wash that is customized to each vehicle. As an additional layer of technological innovation, inclinometers are utilized to fine-tune the performance of the wrap washers and provide the following benefits:

  • Adjust for conveyor drift

  • Know if washer movement is optimal

  • Provide real-time feedback if the washers are not performing within specifications

​This Important Advancement Delivers:

  • Better cleaning

  • Faster line speeds

  • Improved customer experience

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