Mobilize Your Car Wash Sales With ICS’s New Mobile App!

WashNOW! Mobile App by ICS,


  • Easy-to-use app formatted for all smartphones

  • Downloadable from the app store

  • Supports barcode functionality

  • Customizable to support your car wash brand


  • Sells your car wash services anywhere

  • Provides your customers with a quick and easy way to do business with you

  • Automatically replenishes your customer’s account to keep them coming back

  • Site-wide solution activates conveyor washes, SS wash bays, and vacuums

With WashNow! Mobile App you can...

WashNow! Mobile App by ICS,

Easy account setup provides your customers with a password-protected account for conducting business at your sites.

WashNow! Mobile App by ICS,

Your customer’s account provides a visual history of their purchases including date, time, service purchased, and remaining balance.

WashNow! Mobile App by ICS,

Customers simply scan their Mobile Customer ID barcode to purchase services. Barcodes can be deployed at payment terminals, in self serve bays, and at vacuums.

WashNOW! Mobile App by ICS,

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