WashConnect® the industry's most robust multi-site car wash management solution. It is your key to connecting all of your ICS car wash components to leverage the full power of the ICS system.

Benefit from a wealth of real-time financial, operational, and performance data to measure and manage the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of your organization.

  • Connect with Your Performance Data. See information about your car wash via smart phone with the WashConnect® App.
  • Integrated time clock provides real-time labor statistics.
  • Total control over finances - know where every dollar is and how it has been earned.
  • Provides control over labor to determine the best staffing solution - track and analyze each employee.
  • Touch screen point-of-sale application is designed for fast and efficient sales processing.
  • Sell anywhere on the car wash property; wash tunnel entrance, lobby, portable device, and hand finished services area.
  • New Washpad for presell and wash tunnel entrance control.

Organizational Structure

If you are a multi-site organization, you'll never know how you managed without it - WashConnect management system.

Easy And Expandable Corporate Structure Setup

  • Corporate is the top of your hierarchy.
  • Build your structure beneath corporate up to 10 levels deep.
  • Each level represents a grouping of business units or regional locations.
    • Groups enable you to aggregate data and display in reports.
    • Groups enable you to enforce logon security.
  • The lowest level is your actual devices collecting customer data and processing transactions.

Multi-Site Information At Your Fingertips

  • Flexible to form your site's organizational layout in whatever manner makes sense to you.
    • Groups enable you to aggregate data and display in reports.
  • This kind of flexibility and control for car wash multi-site management is unique to the car wash industry. No other software system offers this advantage.


WashConnect presents Task-centric Reporting. At a glance, operators can get an overview of the real-time sales activity for the day, or quickly drill-down to regions, states, sites, even specific devices, anywhere on the car wash corporate structure network.

Financial Overview Report

  • Shows corporate totals for volume, income and deposits generated for the month.
  • From this report, drill-down to view the same data separated by state, region, and site.
  • Drill-down from the site data, by clicking on a specific level from the Site Selection Tree to expand to show daily totals.
  • Click the Task-centric days' income to generate a Shift Detail Report.
    • The Shift Detail Report shows all sales activity for that period of time.

The Vehicle Statistics Report

  • Displays sales data for a given date range from the corporate level down to the site level to the exact hour.

Club Set-up, Maintenance, and Profitability. If any of your sites are taking advantage of the ICS Auto Passport RFID system, WashConnect is the user interface that enables multi-site connectivity, club set-up, maintenance, and profitability reports.


  • Wash Usage - view club member wash usage down to specific customers.
  • Profitability Report - shows revenue per car, including income from up-sell purchases from club members.
  • Club Summary - view how many members are in each club.
  • Revenue Distribution Report - view the revenue generated.

Device Monitoring

Device Monitoring Provides Real-time Status. When your car wash isn't operating at peak efficiency, profits suffer. Car wash operators need to make timely decisions and take quick action if they want to remain successful. WashConnect Device Monitoring provides real-time monitoring of ICS components at each site.


  • Device monitoring constantly searches your network devices, displaying real-time operational status.
  • Exclusive Heartbeat™ Technology
  • Each component visually automatically displays green, yellow, or red status indicators.
    • Yellow status indicates a concern but the component is still functioning.
    • Red status indicates a problem, and the component is not functioning.
    • Green status indicates component is functioning properly.
    • The system automatically resets to a green indicator as soon as it detects the component is functioning properly.


  • Make quick, informed decisions.
  • Solve problems faster.
  • Meet your customers' needs.

Cell And Mobile Devices

Stay Connected with WashConnect with your real-time data from your mobile device, anywhere in the world. WashConnect Mobile App is available from iPads, iPhones, and Android phones*. View all of your site's activities for up-to-the-minute information.

Mobile Reports

  • Group Overview is based on how you set up your corporate structure, filtering by state, region, or site, or by date range.
  • Sales Performance to view all of your sites' sales activities for the day in the palm of your hand.
  • Financial Summary for up-to-the minute data that you need.
  • Labor Performance presents your labor statistics in cars per man hour, as a percentage of gross sales, or based on performance levels that you have already established.

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