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Video Training Series

Watch Security & Auditing


From historic sales data to employee files to customers' personal information and credit card security, Tunnel Master gives you peace of mind with complete system security.

Cash Management


The Cash Management system was designed to help meet the needs of a modern car wash site. The Cash Management systems tracks every move your cash makes, by quantities and denominations.

If you're still using a paper-based system, or a series of complex spreadsheets to track your cash inflows and outflows, then it's time to take a look at what the Tunnel Master Cash Management system can do for you.

For today's modern car wash operator, it's the only effective way to track cash sales and cash movement on a daily basis.

Topics covered:

Cash Management Training

Chemical and Utility Costs


Most operators can tell you how much they spend on rent, or a 55 gallon drum of wheel cleaner, but do they really know how much it costs them to wash a vehicle, and from there, how many vehicles they need to wash per month to break even?

If they are utilizing all of the tools in their Tunnel Master Management System, they can. And not just chemicals, our analysis also measures utility and labor costs to assist you in making those critical decisions of scale.

Customer Tracking


With Tunnel Master Customer Tracking, you've got the tools to identify customers, increase volume and drive bottom line earnings.

Seven different promotional programs are available, including frequent car and customer discounts, bonus points, and punch cards. Target the customers who are visiting the wash infrequently, and make them loyal customers.

Labor Management


Use the integrated time clock. Display the labor analysis statistically and graphically. Compare the required staffing to actual staffing. Track the hours by department.

Topics covered:

    • Introduction
    • Labor is Your Largest Controllable Expense
    • Optimized Staffing vs. Minimum Staffing
    • Labor Percentage
    • Labor Efficiencies
    • Profit Centers
    • Labor Management System Capabilities
    • Time Clock Reports
    • Performance Reports

  • Watch Labor Managment Overview (Adobe Captivate Presentation)

Labor Managment Training Modules

    • Lesson 1: Labor Management Overview
    • Lesson 2: Management Standards
    • Lesson 3: Employee Configuration
    • Lesson 4: Time Clock Operations
    • Lesson 5: Time Clock Reporting
    • lesson 6: Hourly Breakdown
    • Lesson 7: Projection Analysis
    • Lesson 8: Performance Gauge
    • Lesson 9: Configuration

  • Begin Labor Management Training (Adobe Captivate Presentation)

Sales & Marketing at the Auto Sentry


Ask any sales expert and they will tell you one of the most valuable elements to success in any business is a consistent sales and marketing message. It is estimated that the average consumer in the U.S. sees over 3,000 ads per day. If your message is inconsistent, how can you expect anyone to differentiate it from the 2,999 others?

Topics covered:

    • Sales And Marketing Strategy
    • Creating a Marketing Message
    • Combining a mearketing Message with Service Offerings
    • Implementing a Strategy with Smart Sales Technology
    • Welcome Videos
    • Wash Clubs, Fundraisers & Time-Sensitive Pricing
    • Daily Reporting and Historical Sales Analysis

There are three basic steps that you need learn to convey your message consistently...

Sales and Marketing at the Auto Sentry Flex Training

Sales Management


You're all too familiar with the symptoms. Year-to-year volume is dropping, not rising like it used to. Your ticket average is stagnant. Customers either aren't buying extra services, or they're buying only the low-dollar extras. So your greeters aren't very motivated to earn commissions.

It's a cycle you can't seem to break. Sales are down, therefore commissions are down, and consequently your greeters are not performing. What do you do?

Topics covered:

    • Identifying the Problem
    • Improving Sales
    • Components of the Sales Management System
    • Seeing the System in Action
    • On-going Reporting Tools to Manage and Evaluate Sales Performance

Theft Control


One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners is controlling employee theft. Recent studies show that employee theft accounts for an average loss of 6% of gross revenue; equaling over $25 Billion in 2008.

While the Tunnel Master Theft Control system cannot help you hire honest people, it does install strict theft controls, and has comprehensive wash auditing capabilities. In short, it will keep them honest.

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