Technical Support

Our experienced and dedicated team of technicians and development engineers provides comprehensive technical support from our U.S. Call Centers in Pennsylvania and California. We do not use third party technical support. All support call requests are completed in-house.

It All Starts With Our People

Every member of our support services staff is rigorously trained on our products, the underlying technologies, and industry-specific problem solving strategies. We hire the best and the brightest technicians, primarily for their customer service skills. Then, we provide extensive classroom training by our in-house training staff. This is followed with a course in the production department where they actually build the equipment. Having firsthand knowledge of how our components are manufactured provides the technician with insight to respond to higher level technical issues that might arise. Only when this 8 week training regimen is satisfactorily completed, are our technicians added to the support pool.

ITIL Standards

Innovative Control Systems has adopted the ITIL Standards for managing the call center. The ITIL standards is a system of best practices to manage IT service. The ICS call center focuses on Call Escalation, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Product Improvement and Customer Fulfilment. A wide range of Call Center Metrics are used that enable us to meet our targeted Service Level Agreements while containing cost. By adopting the ITIL Standards, ICS provides World Class Call Support and Customer service at a cost that is reasonable to our customers.


Innovative Control Systems is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality solutions to customer issues at every level. Our three-tiered support system is structured based on the ITIL service-level management program.

In addition to hiring and training the best people, we have also given them the best tools in the support industry. Our support software provides critical information to the technician before they even begin the call.

State of the Art Call Center Software

We are also able to track calls for specific recurrences and for call duration, and automatically escalate calls that either cannot be resolved initially, or cannot be resolved in an appropriate time-frame.

All of this plays a role in improving internal communication on customer issues and a significantly higher rate of First Contact Resolution.

  • Provides site information and layout.
  • Access hardware and software versions.
  • Tracks all progress.
  • Ability to pick up interrupted calls.
  • Automatically escalates recurring issues.
  • Reporting Call History: Number of times a site calls, and time spent on every call.

Knowledge Resources

  • Tier 3 Technical Support.
  • Hardware integrator.
  • Document writer.
  • Quality Assurance.

Continuous Call Improvement

  • Identify top calls.
  • Analyze root cause.
  • Reduce calls by taking action:
    • Product design change.
    • Component replacement.
    • Customer training.

Customer Training and Tools

All Support Contracts are annual subscriptions. Select the best option for your site. Now that you have chosen the best management and control system, it's time to select the best service. As a result of our relationship, you should notice your profits and performance increase with your operations by utilizing the features found in Tunnel Master® and Lube Master®.

Ultra Care

  • Live phone support and remote connection are available in this support contract.
  • The highest priority at each service level; all but routine questions are escalated to Down Site or Critically Impaired. For more information, see Service Level Agreement chart.
  • Exceptionally faster call back times.
  • Includes all critical updates for ICS software.

Premium Care

  • Live phone support and remote connection are available in this support contract.
  • Normal service level priorities on a 1 - 4 scale, depending upon the severity of situation. For more information, Service Level Agreement Chart.
  • Includes all critical updates for ICS software.

Support Contract Payment Options

  • All Support Contracts are annual subscriptions. However, monthly payment plans are available with an additional 4% surcharge to cover costs. Auto pay from a credit card or ACH.

Optional Support Items & Pricing

  • For all ICS Customers: Internet Security Package is available starting at $195.
  • For all Lube Master customers: Preventative Maintenance updates are available for $395 per year.

Service Level Agreement Chart

Technical Support,

ICS Call Center Has Adopted The ITIL Standards

ITIL Method For Resolving A Client Issue

The ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, method for resolving a client issue provides many inherent benefits to all involved.

  • Root cause analysis addresses the problem, not just the immediate and obvious symptoms:
    • View call history.
    • Flag recurring issues.
    • Component failure analysis.
  • Installation and definition of internal roles and communication.
  • Foundation for continuous improvement.
  • Superior service that meets or exceeds customer demands at a justifiable cost.

Three Tiers of Technical Support

ICS is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality solutions to customer issues at all levels. Our three-tiered support system is structured based on the ITIL service-level management program.

    Tier 1, Technical Support, Provides application software and/or hardware support.

    Tier 2, Technical Support, Provides more complex support on application software and/or hardware and is usually an escalation of the call from Tier 1. Tier 2 uses advanced technical training, insight and experience to resolve issues.

    Tier 3, Technical Support, Provides support on complex hardware and operating system software. Usually teams with Tier 2 and our development engineers to resolve recurring issues and provides continuous product improvement.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) - Goal 85%

  • First Contact Resolution - Goal is 70%.
  • Resources available to resolve an issue on the first call.

The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a critical part of the development, production, and support cycle. The RMA number indicates a customer has been authorized by a support technician to return a part for repair, refund, or replacement.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
WARNING: Returns received at ICS without an RMA number will be refused.
IMPORTANT: Please contact us to receive an RMA number.

To obtain an RMA number, please contact ICS technical support department, directly at 800.246-3469.

Follow These Instructions To Return Parts To ICS

  • When your new part arrives, do not discard anything from inside the box or the box itself.
    Remove the enclosed items from the box:
      1. New part.
      2. Shipping materials.
      3. Return UPS label.
      4. Please keep the box to return the part.
  • Use this same box we used to ship your part, and place the old part in the box in the identical manner the new part arrived.
  • Seal up the box with tape.
  • Attach the Return UPS shipping label to the box which is important as the prepared Return UPS label also has your RMA number printed on it.
  • Give the box to any UPS driver in order to ship the box.

  • IMPORTANT: Return the defective/faulty part within 15 days or no refund will be issued.
    Note: Shipping costs are never refunded.

    RMA is an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of imperfect parts. Utilizing the RMA system, gives ICS the unique opportunity to track each specific part and its inherent life span and make corporate decisions based on this information.

    If you are having a problem, we are ready to assist you promptly. Be sure to describe the problem in detail that you are having so we may, if possible, resolve the problem without you returning your product or part.

    Remember, the RMA number uniquely identifies your part. By looking up the RMA number in our system, we can easily find all of the specific details you discussed with the technical support representative.

Requesting An RMA

IMPORTANT: All returns, warranty or non-warranty, must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to shipping the part to Innovative Control Systems (ICS). Returns without an RMA number will be refused.

To obtain an RMA number, please contact ICS technical support department, directly at 800.246-3469.

When a support technician determines that a part needs to be replaced, they will issue an RMA number. Our support technician will then determine if your part is covered under warranty by your installation date or by the history of the part, if it was purchased separately.

  • Parts purchased within the last 90 days - There is no charge for the replacement part; however, the defective/faulty part must be returned within 15 days or customer will be billed for the old part as well as shipping. As long as the warranty is valid, the credit will be issued after the defective/faulty part is tested by our RMA department.
  • Parts purchased between 90 days and 1 year - If the part was purchased between 90 days and 1 year, customer will be charged for the replacement part and shipping. The customer must return the old part within 15 days to receive a full reimbursement of the part. As long as the warranty is valid, the credit will be issued after the part is tested by our RMA department. If a customer returns the defective/faulty part after 15 days, there will be NO refund for the defective/faulty part.
  • Parts no longer covered under warranty - Customers will be charged for the part and shipping. The defective/faulty part can be returned for a partial reimbursement. The fees are determined once the defective/faulty product is received and tested by our RMA department.

Did Technical Support Give You An RMA Number?

If they did, you can replace the # signs with the RMA digits and format your custom shipping label as follows:

Innovative Control Systems
ATTN: RMA ########-####
16 S. Commerce Way
Bethlehem, PA 18017

If you do not have an RMA number, please contact ICS technical support department, directly at 800.246-3469.

Swap Out Program For Bill Dispensers

Our support technicians are unsurpassed in the industry and when they determine that a bill dispenser needs to be serviced and cleaned, and the customer agrees to have ICS service the bill dispenser, an RMA number is issued. We offer a swap out program for the bill dispensers where the customer purchases a refurbished bill dispenser and returns the old one. Pricing varies based on the model of bill dispenser.

  • The customer purchases a refurbished bill dispenser and pays for shipping.
  • The refurbished bill dispenser is shipped.
  • When the refurbished bill dispenser arrives, the customer removes the bill dispenser and the return UPS shipping label inside the box. Printed on the label is your RMA number which will be used to identify your bill dispenser.
  • Using the box and packing materials provided by ICS, package the bill dispenser that needs servicing in the box in the same manner the refurbished one arrived, seal it, attach the return UPS label to the box, and then give to any UPS driver.

IMPORTANT: The customer must return the old bill dispenser within 15 days before a refund will be issued. The refund is determined by the amount of time in labor and any additional parts needed to properly clean and service the unit to proper working condition. After the bill dispenser is tested, a partial refund will be applied. If the old bill dispenser is not returned within 15 days, the refund will NOT be issued at all!

Return Parts Will Be Tested

All parts that are returned to ICS are tested. The results of the testing are integrated with the resolution of the support incident. We use this information in the Feedback Loop. The Feedback Loop is the flow of communication between development, production, support, and RMA.

For example, we use the RMA informational data to develop new training for our support technicians, and development writes design modifications as well as software updates. RMA assists our shipping and receiving department in inventory control, and assures that our purchasing department acquires the most reliable, cost effective components from our vendors.
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Web Help For WashConnect®

This onboard help tool provides users with detailed answers to any WashConnect question. Simply click on the Web Help button conveniently located at the top right of each WashConnect screen to access easy-to-understand, step-by-step directions that will help you unlock the full power of WashConnect.

Web Help for WashConnect by Innovative Control Systems (ICS).,
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eLearning Car Wash Training System
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Experience the online training tool that provides owner/operators of both Full Service and Express car washes with an in-depth knowledge of WashConnect®, the industry's leading multi-site car wash management solution.

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