The concept for Innovative Control Systems (ICS) began in 1981 when Kevin Detrick purchased a defunct car wash in Stroudsburg, PA. After developing a number of innovative solutions that helped streamline operations and improve profitability at his own car wash he founded ICS, and in 1988, began marketing those products to fellow car wash operators throughout the Northeast.

Over the past 30 years Kevin's keen insights in the areas of process control, software management, and equipment automation have resulted in numerous ground-breaking products that have been sold to ICS's 15,000+ car wash sites in 32 countries spread across 5 continents. In addition, ICS has achieved many important milestones recently, including:

Car wash process controls, car wash software management systems, and car wash equipment automation by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)

Now after more than 30 years of developing the car wash industry's leading technology, ICS's mission remains the same:

Mission Statemen from Innovative Control Systems (ICS)