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Provides a Superior Experience for Customers
at ANY Car Wash!



In addition to developing an amazing array of technology solutions for the car wash industry, ICS offers an industrial-strength car wash vacuum designed to please your customers and improve your bottom line.

ExpressVacuum is a Car Wash Vacuum or central vacuum system by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)
Power Savings
ExpressVacuum Turbine
  • Single, large, 4.5hp turbine

  • The industrial design delivers consistent, powerful performance

  • Adjustable suction

  • Silencer provides quiet operation

Separator & Canister
ExpressVacuum Separator & Canister
  • Centrifugal airflow provides better dirt separation

  • Keeps filter cleaner longer

  • High capacity, 25-gallon dirt collector

  • Easy to service roll-out design

Shaker & Filter
ExpressVacuum Shaker & Filter
  • The external shaker keeps dirt and dust inside the unit

  • Single, heavy-duty, large capacity, star-shaped filter

  • Doesn’t restrict airflow

Labor Savings
ExpressVacuum Labor Savings
  • Save time – service quicker and less frequently

  • Simple – drop dirt collector, tie bag, and remove

  • Easy – no heavy lifting or shoveling

  • Clean – no dirt plumes, no cleanup

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