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Monitor, Manage, and Market Your Car Wash

with an Auto Sentry!

Advanced Marketing Capabilities
Environmental Controls

Make a great first impression on new customers and continue to wow current customers with the Auto Sentry® flex. This outdoor, unattended point-of-sale terminal welcomes customers to your wash and provides clear and inviting upsell opportunities through video and audio - increasing upsales, throughput, and profits.


  • Enhanced Screen Display 17” ultra-bright touch screen display provides crystal clear, enhanced videos and graphics resulting in faster throughput.

  • Secure EMV & PCI Compliant Solution ICS has been the leading provider of EMV technology in the car wash industry. The Auto Sentry® flex offers the latest certified First Data solution. All card brands are accepted along with the New Tap N Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. ICS can also guide you to a successful PCI compliance certification. 

Auto Sentry® flex HD


Auto Sentry® flex is a multimedia payment terminal

The Auto Sentry® flex is a multimedia payment terminal that is built around a 17” full sunlight-readable touchscreen. It includes bill, coin, and credit card acceptance, bar-code scanning, up to 3 coin or token dispensing hoppers, and up to three denominations in the bill dispenser.

The Auto Sentry® flex features an intuitive user interface that is designed to create a better customer experience while delivering precise instructions to your customer; from the initial greeting, all the way through the end of the transaction.

  • Secure your site with an EMV & PCI Compliant Solution

  • Enhance your customers’ experience with the new 17” high definition touch screen display

  • Simplify maintenance with new design improvements

Test out and see for yourself, what it is like to use our payment terminal, with our interactive screen flow.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

"We were one of the first to purchase the original version of the Auto Sentry. We were also one of the first to use it in a full service car wash. We remain with ICS for their products and customer service."

~ Marcus Kittrell, MARC-1 Express Car Wash


"One of the best decisions I made was to install the ICS Auto Sentry and convert to a flex service business model. On busy days, I can wash cars as fast as they arrive, and on slow days, I do not have the large labor burden. "

~ Doug Rieck, Manahawkin Magic Wash


"We have two locations, one using an Auto Sentry and one with a Touch POS. Our customers love the interactive technology and the ease of using club memberships at both locations."

~ Cory Fleishman, Monmouth Junction Car Wash, East Brunswick Car Wash