WashConnect® Web Help

Innovative Control Systems is pleased to announce the launch of Web Help, an onboard help tool that provides the users of WashConnect®, the car wash industry’s leading multi-site car wash management system, with detailed answers to any question.

Web Help puts control in the car wash operator’s hands with access to over 700 pages of "help" topics, including;

  • Setting up clubs
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Managing utilities
  • Cash management
  • ...and more!

Help is just a single click away with Web Help!

Web Help is easy to use. Simply click on the Web Help button ICS conveniently located on each WashConnect® screen at the top right of the screen.

ICS, washconnect.comWhen Web Help opens, help for the page that you are currently on is displayed. You can also search for specific help topics using the search bar, or browse through help topics from the menu on the left side.

ICS, washconnect.comUsers can expand any help topic, and drill down to view the detailed step-by-step instructions that will help them accomplish ANY task within WashConnect® software.

Web Help for WashConnect® software puts control in the car wash operator’s hands!

“The launch of Web Help for WashConnect® software will provide car wash operators with a powerful, easy-to-use tool that empowers them to squeeze every bit of functionality out of WashConnect's full system.”

~ Kevin Detrick, President of Innovative Control Systems.

Web Help for WashConnect by Innovative Control Systems, icscarwashsystems.com, washconnect.com

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