Auto Sentry® CPT

Innovative Control Systems is pleased to announce the future of Self Service Car Wash Cash Management and Control with the Auto Sentry® CPT (Central Payment Terminal).

  • Activate any self service car wash bay or vacuum directly from the Central Payment Terminal.
  • Generate a code to activate any car wash self service bay or vacuum for a "preset amount of time".
  • Use the "mobile application" to activate any self service car wash bay or vacuum.
  • Accepts cash and coin in the self service car wash bays and vacuums.
  • Auto Sentry® CPT can accept cash, coin, credit/debit/gift cards, Android Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Auto Sentry® CPT can dispense coin and/or bills to act as a "change machine or bill breaker".

Activate any bay or vacuum directly from the CPT, which generates a code for a preset amount of time!

 Auto Sentry CPT, Central Payment Terminal from Innovative Control Systems (ICS),

“EMV or Chip and Pin readers cannot be deployed in the self service car wash bay due the their high cost and their inability to handle high pressure water. One of the benefits of purchasing PSD Codax in England is that we learned how the Europeans have been handling self service payment with EMV. PSD Codax allows us to bring the best ideas from around the world to our ICS customers."

~ Kevin Detrick, President of Innovative Control Systems.

Auto Sentry CPT is a Payment Terminal for Self Service Car Washes,

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