Intelligent Site Selection & Targeted Marketing


Trust Washnology, ICS’s intelligent site selection and targeted marketing solution to help optimize your car wash organization’s growth strategy.

Site Selection - Make the “right” decision regarding the location of your next car wash site. Washnology utilizes advanced analytics to provide car wash operators with a data-driven approach to selecting successful car wash sites:

  • Utilizes comprehensive, nationwide database of real estate listings to find ideal sites

  • Enables real-time access to complex market data

  • Identifies viable sites in target markets, and forecasts the growth potential of those sites

  • Simplifies and shortens the site selection process

  • Reduces the risk of making a bad real estate investment


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Targeted Marketing - Washnology’s cutting-edge consumer intelligence capabilities leverage multiple data sources that enable ICS’s customers to analyze, visualize, and interpret consumer behavior at your proposed car wash sites, your existing car wash sites, and even your competitors’ car wash sites. Data sources include:

  • Mobile GPS data- Accesses more than 2 billion GPS pings each day to determine consumers’ home and work locations, as well as their travel patterns, and purchasing behaviors

  • Demographics data-  Actionable information from 120 million households (e.g., age, household income, # of vehicles) generates a detailed view of the consumers in a target market

  • Psychographic data- Classifies consumers into 71 unique groups, and provides valuable consumer insights on each group resulting in a targeted marketing campaign that is customized to appeal to each site’s specific customer base

Washnology is a value-added service provided by ICS’s Marketing team. Contact ICS today to learn how Washnology can be integrated into a customized marketing plan that is tailor made to increase your market share and grow your car wash business.