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Washnetics Arches


Washnetics Arches

Washnetics provides a full range of arches each of which is constructed of stainless steel polished to a beautiful #8 mirrored finish to complement the aesthetics of your car wash. Washnetics arches offer “targeted cleaning” with 4 individually operated wash solutions functions (Front, Upper Side, Rear, and Oversized) that enable you to customize wash solutions applications based on the size and shape of each vehicle. This automated approach to applying wash solutions provides the following benefits:


  • Significant reductions in wash solution costs

  • Significant reductions in water costs

  • Significant reductions in sewer costs

  • Delivers outstanding wash quality

  • Supports cleaning without prep to minimize labor expenses

The following Washnetics arches are available:

  • Bug Arch with optional Chemical Tire Applicators

  • Standard Arch for Presoaks, Waxes, and Drying Agents

  • Foaming Arch

  • Combination Arch which supports 2 wash solutions applications in a single arch

  • Spot Free Rinse Arch with high and low side view mirror rinse

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