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The Washnetics Mitter is the workhorse in the tunnel and includes a number of important features that are designed to enhance longevity and performance, specifically:

  • Stainless steel construction extends the useful life of the Mitter to provide a solid return on investment year after year.

  • Three 120-degree baskets create more lift which equates to more mechanical action on the surface of the vehicle resulting in superior wash quality.

  • Alternating basket design prevents all wash material from impacting the vehicle simultaneously to ensure smoother operation, less noise/vibration, and a more pleasurable customer experience.

  • Microfiber wash material is quieter on the surface of the vehicle and cleans more effectively than cloth.

The Washnetics Mitter can be purchased as a standalone unit or incorporated into the Accuwrap/Mitter Combo- Short which includes a Wheel Follower, or the Accuwrap/Mitter Combo which includes a Wheel Follower and Side Washers.


See What Our Customers Are Saying

"ICS was a very clear choice when I decided that I wanted one company to provide carwash control and POS equipment. ICS provided the hydraulic power packs, VFD panels, POS equipment and software. It all integrated seamlessly into the tunnel controller and WashConnect software. They are a true partner in the Carwash business."

~ Jarrett Hansen,
Hansen Builders Inc.


"ICS has been awesome and I am so grateful that we chose them to do our first project. From the sales department to the technical support team, it is great to know somebody has your back."

~ Jerry Umstead (Owner),
Sudz in a Bucket Car Wash


"I want to thank you again for everything you have always done for my business. You are a HUGE part of our overall success, so thank you very much!!"

~ Richard Sasso,
Mr. Squeaky Car Wash

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