Innovative Control System's Product Warranty Information

The following are shortened, easy to read interpretations of the original product Purchase Agreement. For detailed warranty information, please refer to the Purchase Agreement.

  • 1-Year Hardware
    • This warranty expires one year from the original hardware installation date.
    • Innovative Control Systems warrants that the Hardware shall be free from defects in material, workmanship, and operating failure from ordinary use. Innovative Control System's obligations will be limited to adjustments, repairs, and replacement parts necessary to maintain the Hardware in good working order during the one-year period.
    • This warranty and the liability of Innovative Control Systems are conditional upon the CUSTOMER's proper use, management, and supervision of the Hardware. No warranty shall extend to Hardware, which has been repaired or altered by any person other than authorized service representatives of Innovative Control Systems. Additionally, no warranty shall extend to Hardware if repair is required as a result of CUSTOMER's failure to maintain a suitable installation environment or if repair is required due to accident or disaster. The above Warranty applies only to Hardware manufactured by Innovative Control Systems and set up by authorized service representatives of Innovative Control Systems.
    • No 3rd party repairs are covered. See the individual manufacturer's warranty.
    • Installation and shipping costs to and from ICS are not covered by the warranty.
  • 1-Year Software
    • Innovative Control Systems warrants that they have valid title to the Application Software, free of all liens, encumbrances, transfer restrictions and claims of others.
    • Innovative Control Systems warrants that for a period of one year starting on the Software Installation Date, the Application Software will perform the functions and conform to the specifications described in the brochure that has been delivered to CUSTOMER. Except as otherwise provided herein, during the Warranty Period, Innovative Control Systems shall promptly provide, at no charge to the CUSTOMER, corrections, modifications, or additions to the Application Software where the CUSTOMER promptly notifies Innovative Control Systems in writing of any errors in the Application Software.
    • The CUSTOMER shall assist Innovative Control Systems in identifying the circumstances in which any such errors are discovered and, if requested by Innovative Control Systems, shall document the existence of the same. Both parties acknowledge that due to the complex nature of computer software, such as the Application Software, certain errors are virtually impossible to correct or would require an inordinate amount of time and money to correct. If Innovative Control Systems, in its reasonable judgment, determines that any error reported by the CUSTOMER falls into such category, Innovative Control Systems shall have no obligation to make such corrections.
    • If any errors are determined to have arisen by reason of the CUSTOMER's errors or negligence, including, without limitation, the failure to use and operate the Application Software in accordance with Innovative Control Systems' specification, the CUSTOMER shall compensate Innovative Control Systems for any services performed to correct such problem at the Innovative Control Systems' then current rates for such services, and CUSTOMER shall reimburse Innovative Control Systems for all expenses incurred in connection with the performance of such services. The above software warranty applies only to software released by Innovative Control Systems and does not extend to other software such as Accounting or Word Processing applications that may be prepackaged with any ICS products or software.
  • 1-Year Support
    • Innovative Control Systems will provide a year of technical support by phone starting on the Software Installation Date.
    • Technical Support will be limited to ICS Application Software and Hardware only and not any third party software, hardware, or car wash equipment that may have been packaged with ICS products or purchased separately by the CUSTOMER.