• Full-Service

Full-service washes will often offer additional services like detail or express detail, impulse items in a lobby setting, or in some cases a lube center.

      1. Customer drives onto the lot and gets out of the car.
      2. Customer is greeted by a service adviser who recommends car wash services to them.
      3. The customer either pays for the wash there, or gets a presell ticket which they take to a cashier inside a lobby.
      4. The car is vacuumed.
      5. An employee drives the vehicle into the wash tunnel.
      6. Inside the tunnel is a conveyor that moves the vehicle through the wash while timed equipment and chemicals clean and partially dry the vehicle.
      7. At the other end, another employee drives the vehicle to the finishing area where employees dry off the vehicle, clean the glass, and wipe the dash.

For Full-Service product information, see ICS Product Solutions.