Tunnel Master wbc® -- Controlling your equipment has never been easier and has never been this sophisticated.

The Tunnel Master® wbc controls equipment and functions without an on-site computer, preventing theft.  For the most comprehensive business solution in the car wash industry, integrate the Tunnel Master® wbc with the WashConnect® Management System.


  • Extensive Expandability
    • Add up to 96 internal fused single-pole relays as needed.  Each of the 96 relays can be profiled in nine different ways for nearly unlimited customization for all your current and future tunnel needs.
    • Connect up to four additional ICS relay boxes (24 relays per box) to maximize total relays at 192.
    • Tunnel Master's relay configuration allows multiple functions to utilize one switch, increasing the efficiency and quantity of controlled actions.
  • Web Based Embedded Design
    • Stand-alone tunnel controller with built in web server, allows the operator to change settings while away from the wash location.
    • The management console operates through a web browser or from any computer connected to your office network.
    • Full remote diagnostics and real-time reporting.
    • Embedded design delivers reliability that PC-based solutions cannot match, ensuring stability and longevity.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
    • Produces cleaner and brighter vehicles.
    • Better protectant.
    • Satisfied and loyal customers.
    • Customer retention.
  • Wi-Fi Accessible
    • Mobile internet access via iPad, iPhone and Android phones.
    • Connect locally to the WBC via a Wi-Fi wireless network for reports and change settings while in the tunnel or away from the wash site.
  • Cost Control Power Management
    • Industry's first controller that can manage power demands and improve tunnel efficiency by preventing spikes in power usage of select equipment.
      • WBC determines what motors should turn on so that two motors never turn on at the same time.
    • Water, electric, and chemistry costs are all minimized by advanced power management.
  • Compatibility
    • Compatibility with ANY manufacturer's car wash equipment or systems.
  • Easy Configuration
    • Min/Max car length and anti-bounce settings allow for ultimate control and built-in anti-theft prevents unauthorized processing of car washes.
    • Auto Gate function simulates entrance gate upon failure of gate switch.
    • Internal stacking of up to 10 vehicles when coupled with multiple gated Auto Sentry flex lanes.
    • Programmable staggered re-start after panic condition to reduce energy consumption.
    • Input device setting permits multiple points of service entry while maintaining security and theft prevention.
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Tunnel Master wbc
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