Fuel Pump Interface

Increase volume by selling car washes at the gas pumps. The Fuel Pump Interface, Net FuelTM, allows you to sell washes at your gas pumps.  The receipt prints at the gas pump or inside the c-store with a wash code and expiration date. Customers can redeem washes purchased at the fuel pump with the wash code at the car wash which is on the same property as the fuel station, from a fuel station next door, or even from a third party fuel station across town. 

Track and view the washes in reports from WashConnect.


ICS has three fuel interface options to meet your needs:

    • Wired - A wired system is directly connected from the WashConnect or Tunnel Master server to the fuel pump POS
    • Extended Distance - The extended distance interface is wired from the WashConnect or Tunnel Master server through a communication box on both ends.
    • Remote - The remote interface is connected from a computer at the fuel site, through a secure virtual private network (VPN) over the internet to the WashConnect or Tunnel Master Server.

Compatibility: NetFuel interface communicates with almost every major fuel pump POS system.

Fuel Pump Interface
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