The Entrance Management System increases wash performance and the Exit Management System improves overall customer experience.

  • Touch Entrance Display
    • Animated video instructions assist customers on the conveyor.
    • Purchased wash services graphics appear on the touch screen.
    • Touch Screen allows you to quickly edit or remove cars in the queue.
    • View and manage StackNControl from the Entrance Management Display.
    • Set retracts anywhere in the tunnel when needed.
    • Cancel or Fire Rollers with one quick touch on the Interactive Screen.
    • Environmental control allows use within the car wash tunnel.
  • Vehicle Spacing
    • Angled nozzles on Chemistry Arch apply product to fronts and backs of cars (See ICS Chemistry Arch).
    • Eliminating prep eliminates labor hold ups at the tunnel entrance and prevents bottlenecks.
  • Customer Experience
    • No labor bottlenecks provide a smooth and fast transition into the tunnel.
    • Superior customer experience by eliminating the negatives at the tunnel entrance.
    • Repeatable quality without prepping to provide a clean and shiny vehicle.
  • Retracts anywhere in the Tunnel
    • Until the point of service, a retract can be set anywhere in the tunnel.
  • Auto Roller
    • When the Auto Roller is set, as soon as you select a base service on a non-stacking system, a roller will fire.
  • Roller Cancel
    • Cancel Roller
  • Roller Handling
    •  Roller Handling from Touch Entrance Sign.
  • Idle Conveyor
    • This button is available to briefly stop the conveyor without stopping the equipment and entering a full panic state. 

Entrance & Exit Management System
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