At ICS our people make the difference!

With over 150 team members, ICS has the resources and the experience to help you take your car wash program to the next level. In fact, our management team includes a number of current or former owner/operators, and possesses over 200 years of combined car wash experience; experience that we offer to you, our customer, to make your car wash program a success. None of our competitors can offer this key differentiator; experience!

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Brad Metcalf, Regional Sales Manager
Brian Bath, Vice President of Sales
Jason Sears, Communications Manager
Jeff Wizer, Regional Sales Manager
Joel Maganza, Vice President of Operations
Kevin Detrick, Founder & President
Kristy Smith, National Sales Manager for the Retail Petroleum Market
Lenny Cavalier, Regional Sales Manager
Rob Deal, Vice President of Corporate & International Sales
Rob Wingard, Regional Sales Manager
Tom Bagnara, Director of Petroleum Sales North America

Rob Deal
Vice President of Corporate & International Sales

Rob DealRob was born with wet shoes into his family that has been in the car wash industry since the mid-60s. Rob stepped into his own career in the industry as an operator running the Industrial Division of Turtle Wax manufacturing car wash chemicals. Turtle Wax owned and operated over 20 full-service conveyor locations in the mid-west and eastern regions of the US and developed products that were needed for the washes. Rob also owned and operated his multi -profit operation with two locations consisting of in-bay automatics, self-service and oil change operations. Rob started with ICS in 2008 and has been responsible for the relationships with equipment manufacturers, large corporate customers and development of our international business outside of the United States. Rob has a shared responsibility of managing our regional sales efforts and developing distributor sales strategy. Rob has brought to light several suggestions from customers for product development, many of which have been added to the Auto Sentry Petro and WashConnect products. Rob knows what the industry needs as a car wash owner as he maintains his partnerships with several express wash locations.
Years in the industry:33
Years owning/managing:33
Years working at ICS:11
With over 275 years of combined experience in the car wash industry, ICS's team members will help make a difference at your car wash!