Marketing Tools Drive Customers to your Wash.

Deliver the look and feel of your brand with custom screens, decals, and videos, adding a new dimension to the endless marketing opportunities. The Auto Sentry flex is a dynamic selling tool that conveys a consistent, friendly and informative interaction while educating your customers to the unique benefits of your services.


ICS custom graphics, scrreens, decals, and more.


  • Create Brand Recognition
    • Identify your brand with custom graphics.
    • Adding your wash's logo to all literature including the customers' receipts will be a symbolic reminder of the quality car wash they received.
    • Convey your marketing message which promotes the benefits of your wash offerings, specials, club programs, time sensitive promotions, etc.
    • Promote the value of your services by educating your customers about what distinguishes your wash from the others.
  • Brand Your Terminal to Your Facility
    • Decals, graphics and videos are custom designed, with or without our marketing department, to enhance and personalize your Auto Sentry flex in synch with your car wash's image.
    • Identify your company with Auto Sentry decals that can display your company logo.
    • Enhance your custom buttons, videos and skins with custom graphics to match signage.
  • Custom Video to Greet Customers
    • Videos deliver a custom message that clearly explains your services and offerings.
    • Audio and video are available in two languages breaking the language barrier.
    • Customized videos and screens form the visual aspects of your brand, leaving a lasting impression with your customers.
  • Lots of Marketing Tools
    • Custom Wash Profiles based on time, date or customer.
    • Frequency Discounts.
    • Unlimited Clubs.
    • Gift Card Promotions.
    • Fundraising is fun and easy!
      • Help customers raise money for schools
        or charitable organizations.
    • Fleet Sales.