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Hydraulic Power Pack 


Hydraulic Power Pack

The Washnetics Hydraulic Power Pack features a unique open-flow design that eliminates the use of the less efficient mechanical proportionating equipment featured in most hydraulic power packs. The Washnetics Hydraulic Power Pack works in concert with the Washnetics Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which allows the motor and pump to ramp up efficiently and run at the specific RPM needed for the task at hand rather than running at maximum capacity when engaged. This automated approach to motor and pump management provides several benefits:


Real-time control of tunnel equipment is as simple as adjusting RPM on the touchscreen included in the Washnetics VFD, making those changes on the WBC tunnel controller, or even making those changes on your tablet computer.


Optimizes energy consumption by up to 33% to effectively reduce operating costs.


Extends the life of components by preventing frequent overloading of the system each time the pump and motor starts.


Minimizes maintenance associated with the repeated mechanical shocks that can cause damage to pipes/hoses, joints and seals.


Open flow design significantly reduces heat which extends the life of the lubricants in the fluid, protects seals, and greatly reduces the possibility of problematic hydraulic leaks in the tunnel as well as expensive pump failures in the equipment room.


Supports the use of water-based hydraulic fluid which lowers operating costs, offers greater sustainability, and improves safety for team members.


Reduces noise in the equipment room


Additionally, the Washnetics Hydraulic Power Pack includes a number of design enhancements that simplify operations including a pressure relief valve, a customized manifold with integrated pressure gauge, and a convenient indicator for measuring remaining oil filter life. The unit also includes an elevated tank design that makes it easy to change out fluid, when required, as well as an adjustable fluid level switch that enables adjusting the switch to the current fluid level instead of trying to adjust the fluid level to the switch.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

"ICS was a very clear choice when I decided that I wanted one company to provide carwash control and POS equipment. ICS provided the hydraulic power packs, VFD panels, POS equipment and software. It all integrated seamlessly into the tunnel controller and WashConnect software. They are a true partner in the Carwash business."

~ Jarrett Hansen,
Hansen Builders Inc.


"ICS has been awesome and I am so grateful that we chose them to do our first project. From the sales department to the technical support team, it is great to know somebody has your back."

~ Jerry Umstead (Owner),
Sudz in a Bucket Car Wash


"I want to thank you again for everything you have always done for my business. You are a HUGE part of our overall success, so thank you very much!!"

~ Richard Sasso,
Mr. Squeaky Car Wash

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