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High Pressure Pumping System


High Pressure Pumping System

The Washnetics High Pressure Pumping System features a modular design that supports multiple high pressure equipment configurations including 1, 2, 3, or 4 18 gallon per minute pumps mated to 15 horsepower motors. Nickel-plated pumps are utilized to minimize the frequency of maintenance, withstand the rigors of reclaim applications, and extend the life of mission critical high pressure equipment.


Pressure relief valves replace the unloaders that are more commonly utilized in order to better protect the pumps. Historically, high pressure pumps featuring an unloader could only be operated at full RPM in an on or off state and would divert 15% - 20% of the pressurized water that they created back into a holding tank. The net result? The pumps would be working at maximum load but only 80% - 85% of the high pressure water generated was actually used to clean the vehicle resulting in premature equipment wear, increased utility consumption, and inefficiency. The Washnetics High Pressure Pumping System utilizes a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) along with a pressure transducer to deliver precise motor RPM’s to the pump/motor combination in order to instantly gain and maintain the most effective high pressures required, all while operating at maximum efficiency.


Pressure transducers effectively measure variable pressure and communicate that information to the Washnetics VFD enabling it to operate the motors very efficiently. The VFD is programmed with 2 pressure set points and operates the motor and pump only at the RPM necessary to provide the exact pressure required for the task at hand. The first pressure set point is a lower pressure, typically 500-600 PSI which is ideal for washing the body of the vehicle as it provides ample cleaning but is quieter and creates less vibration resulting in a superior customer experience while eliminating the possibility of damaging the customer’s vehicle. The second pressure set point is a higher pressure, typically 1000-1200 PSI for cleaning wheels and tires. The VFD efficiently and effectively increases the motor and pump speed to the required RPM and then gradually decreases the RPM down to a stop when the motor and pump are not in use. This efficient throttling of the motor and pump greatly reduces the energy required to operate high-pressure equipment, significantly reduces utility costs, and extends the life of high-pressure components.

Additionally, baseline motor frequencies are set for each pressure point. If a 5% deviation from these targeted frequencies is detected an alert is sent via email and/or text to the appropriate parties. These alerts can help diagnose leaks, clogged nozzles, and poor wash performance. Armed with actionable information the appropriate resources can be dispatched with the appropriate tools and parts to address the issue quickly and efficiently saving valuable time and money.


The Washnetics High Pressure Pumping System also features a durable 150 gallon reclaim tank complete with an automatic freshwater switchover. The water level in the holding tank is monitored through a digital input that can disable the pumps and alert the attendant of a low water event to ensure that your high pressure applications are always available.

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