The Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a critical part of the development, production, and support cycle.

The RMA number indicates a customer has been authorized by a support technician to return a part for repair, refund, or replacement.


WARNING: Returns received at ICS without an RMA number will be refused.

IMPORTANT: Please contact us to receive an RMA number.

    1. When your new part arrives, do not discard anything from inside the box or the box itself.
      Remove the enclosed items from the box:
      1. New part
      2. Shipping materials
      3. Return UPS label
      4. Please keep the box to return the part
    2. Use this same box we used to ship your part, and place the old part in the box in the identical manner the new part arrived.
    3. Seal up the box with tape.
    4. Attach the Return UPS shipping label to the box which is important as the prepared Return UPS label also has your RMA number printed on it.
    5. Give the box to any UPS driver in order to ship the box.

IMPORTANT: Return the defective/faulty part within 15 days or no refund will be issued.

Note: Shipping costs are never refunded.

RMA is an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of imperfect parts. Utilizing the RMA system, gives ICS the unique opportunity to track each specific part and its inherent life span and make corporate decisions based on this information.


If you are having a problem, we are ready to assist you promptly. Be sure to describe the problem in detail that you are having so we may, if possible, resolve the problem without you returning your product or part.


Remember, the RMA number uniquely identifies your part. By looking up the RMA number in our system, we can easily find all of the specific details you discussed with the technical support representative.

IMPORTANT: All returns, warranty or non-warranty, must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to shipping the part to Innovative Control Systems (ICS). Returns without an RMA number will be refused.


To obtain an RMA number, please contact ICS technical support department, directly at (800) 246-3469.


When a support technician determines that a part needs to be replaced, they will issue an RMA number. Our support technician will then determine if your part is covered under warranty by your installation date or by the history of the part, if it was purchased separately.

If they did, you can replace the # signs with the RMA digits and format your custom shipping label as follows:


Innovative Control Systems

ATTN: RMA ########-####

3370 Fox Hill Road.
Easton, PA 18045


If you do not have an RMA number, please contact us to receive one.

Our support technicians are unsurpassed in the industry and when they determine that a bill dispenser needs to be serviced and cleaned, and the customer agrees to have ICS service the bill dispenser, an RMA number is issued. We offer a swap out program for the bill dispensers where the customer purchases a refurbished bill dispenser and returns the old one. Pricing varies based on the model of bill dispenser.

    1. The customer purchases a refurbished bill dispenser and pays for shipping.
    2. The refurbished bill dispenser is shipped.
    3. When the refurbished bill dispenser arrives, the customer removes the bill dispenser and the return UPS shipping label inside the box. Printed on the label is your RMA number which will be used to identify your bill dispenser.
    4. Using the box and packing materials provided by ICS, package the bill dispenser that needs servicing in the box in the same manner the refurbished one arrived, seal it, attach the return UPS label to the box, and then give to any UPS driver.

IMPORTANT: The customer must return the old bill dispenser within 15 days before a refund will be issued. The refund is determined by the amount of time in labor and any additional parts needed to properly clean and service the unit to proper working condition. After the bill dispenser is tested, a partial refund will be applied. If the old bill dispenser is not returned within 15 days, the refund will NOT be issued at all!


Note: Shipping costs are never refunded.

All parts that are returned to ICS are tested. The results of the testing are integrated with the resolution of the support incident. We use this information in the Feedback Loop. The Feedback Loop is the flow of communication between development, production, support, and RMA. For example, we use the RMA informational data to develop new training for our support technicians, and development writes design modifications as well as software updates. RMA assists our shipping and receiving department in inventory control, and assures that our purchasing department acquires the most reliable, cost effective components from our vendors.