Want to learn how to use WashConnect to its full potential? ICS offers 2 great resources, at no charge, to help you get the job done!

Web Help for WashConnect®
This onboard help tool provides users with detailed answers to any WashConnect question. Simply click on the Web Help button conveniently located at the top right of each WashConnect screen to access easy-to-understand, step-by-step directions that will help you unlock the full power of WashConnect.
To learn more about this free upgrade offered by ICS visit...https://www.icscarwashsystems.com/WebHelp

eLearning Car Wash Training System®
Experience the online training tool that provides owner/operators of both Full Service and Express car washes with an in-depth knowledge of WashConnect®, the industry's leading multi-site car wash management solution.

To learn more about this free service offered by ICS visit...https://www.icscarwashsystems.com/eLearning

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