The Future of Car Wash Control


ICS is doing what it does best, and again finds itself in the forefront of developing the leading revolutionary car wash control. The Tunnel Master wbc controller has been an integral part of the process. This new control process reduces operating costs while bringing improved wash performance for an even better customer experience.

  •  New! Precision Controller Technology
    • Chemistry - managing multiple applicators.
    • Pressure -  targeted application of pressure on wheels and doors.
    • Friction - RPM is set based on flow rate. 
  • Power Management:

Inrush Time and Start Priority together are collectively known as the Power Management system:

    • Starts one motor at a time.
    • Same kW used to start motor.
    • Lower demand with the VFD.
  • New Controller Results:
    • Improved cleaning quality.
    • Reduced costs.
  • Drive the real competition back to your car wash:
    • Driveway washers demand:
      • Improved performance.
      • Repeatable clean and shiny product, at any price.
      • Better customer experience.
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    • Focus on Customer's Concerns
      • Improve on feel good positives: quieter, gentler and use of more soap.
      • Remove the stress of negatives: bangs, thumps and drum rolls.
  • Ethernet Ready
    • No more wiring relays!