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Accuwrap & the Accuwrap Positioning System


Accuwrap & the Accuwrap Positioning System

The Accuwrap Positioning System was conceived as a solution for eliminating prep, delivering repeatable wash quality, and enhancing the customer experience by automating the wash process. After significant R&D, and deployment in dozens of car washes across America, the system has been refined and perfected to optimize the performance of the Accuwrap; the car wash industry’s most capable and most unique set of wraps. The Accuwrap Positioning System enables the Accuwrap to self-adjust to the unique size and shape of each vehicle through the use of 3 unique components:

  • Multi-axis inclinometers mounted on each wrap arm provide feedback on the exact position of the wraps every 200 milliseconds.

  • Automated D-ring cams use that feedback to adjust the wraps in real-time to maintain a constant 3-degree angle on the surface of the vehicle which provides proper pressure and optimal cleaning.

  • A combination of oversized cores and a custom configuration and cut of Neoglide wash material ensures that the wraps are properly positioned on each vehicle, and wash with the fingers of the wash material.

Improves cleaning, reduces damage, and provides a quieter wash for a better customer experience

This unique “automated” approach to cleaning vehicles enables higher throughput (documented at up to 211 vehicles per hour) while providing improved cleaning with less equipment. By customizing the wash process to the unique cleaning requirements of each vehicle Washnetics equipment is also able to provide a quieter wash with less vibration which delivers a superior customer experience, and results in fewer damage claims, all of which will help you differentiate your car wash from the ever-increasing competition in your market.

The Accuwrap also features a number of optional upgrades that can be combined based on your specific requirements:

Option #1: A pair of high-pressure side blasters deployed on the first set of vertical posts of the Accuwrap serve as an initial “touchless” step for removing debris and grime from the surface of vehicles and preparing the vehicle for the “friction” step of the cleaning process provided by the Neoglide of the Accuwrap. This one-two punch results in outstanding wash quality.

Option #2: A pair of 28” side washers that provide an additional point of friction to enhance cleaning.

Option #3: A pair of wheel followers that follow the vehicle through the wash process to provide 66 inches of targeted, high-pressure cleaning for wheels, tires, and rocker panels. Innovative Washnetics automation technology enables the modulation of pressure (e.g., 1,200 PSI while targeted on wheels/tire, stepped down to 800 PSI while targeted on rocker panels) to enhance cleaning on hard-to-clean wheels and tires while minimizing noise and vibration on the driving compartment to improve the customer experience.

Option #4: An Integrated Chemical Plumbing option that deploys 6 to 10 foamers to optimize chemical application, reduce the cost to apply chemicals, and enable the adjustment of chemicals while in the tunnel so you can quickly and easily dial in your chemicals visually.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

"ICS was a very clear choice when I decided that I wanted one company to provide carwash control and POS equipment. ICS provided the hydraulic power packs, VFD panels, POS equipment and software. It all integrated seamlessly into the tunnel controller and WashConnect software. They are a true partner in the Carwash business."

~ Jarrett Hansen,
Hansen Builders Inc.


"ICS has been awesome and I am so grateful that we chose them to do our first project. From the sales department to the technical support team, it is great to know somebody has your back."

~ Jerry Umstead (Owner),
Sudz in a Bucket Car Wash


"I want to thank you again for everything you have always done for my business. You are a HUGE part of our overall success, so thank you very much!!"

~ Richard Sasso,
Mr. Squeaky Car Wash

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