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Accuspin Top Washer


Accuspin Top Washer

ICS’s Accuspin Top Washer combines the DNA of the industry’s most effective top washer design with the automation concepts integrated into ICS’s Accuwrap to create the most forward-thinking top washer on the market. The result? A top washer co-designed by two of our industry’s visionaries: Vince MacNeil and and Kevin Detrick.


  • The Accuspin Top Washer, which is available in entrance-facing, exit-facing, and counter-rotating dual top washer configurations features several exciting advancements, including;

  • Revolutionary pneumatics in the form of the Oversized Vehicle Lift option which quickly positions the washer to the appropriate height of the oncoming vehicle to deliver customized cleaning, and worry-free operation, even on high volume days.

  • The rebalanced design includes a pivot point that provides exceptional balance throughout the top washer’s complete range of motion resulting in smoother operation and superior cleaning.

  • A longer counterweight arm reduces inertia for smoother operation.

  • Heavy-duty, greaseless bearings extend life and minimize maintenance. The use of greaseless main bearings, dual bearings to support the washer arm, and removable bearing holders greatly reduce maintenance.

  • Closed cell foam prevents water absorption and maintains a consistent weight of the top washer to deliver the most accurate application of pressure

  • The extended lubrication bar ensures consistent lubricity. Single lubrication bars are available for entrance-facing and exit-facing top washers, and dual lubrication bars are available for counter-rotating dual-top washer configurations.

  • 100% stainless steel construction for long life.

  • An enlarged base provides additional stability

This unique approach results in improved cleaning with less equipment provides a quieter wash with less vibration for a superior customer experience as well as fewer damage claims, all of which will help you differentiate your car wash from the ever-increasing competition in your market.

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See What Our Customers Are Saying

"ICS was a very clear choice when I decided that I wanted one company to provide carwash control and POS equipment. ICS provided the hydraulic power packs, VFD panels, POS equipment and software. It all integrated seamlessly into the tunnel controller and WashConnect software. They are a true partner in the Carwash business."

~ Jarrett Hansen,
Hansen Builders Inc.


"ICS has been awesome and I am so grateful that we chose them to do our first project. From the sales department to the technical support team, it is great to know somebody has your back."

~ Jerry Umstead (Owner),
Sudz in a Bucket Car Wash


"I want to thank you again for everything you have always done for my business. You are a HUGE part of our overall success, so thank you very much!!"

~ Richard Sasso,
Mr. Squeaky Car Wash

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