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Wash Better, Wash Faster, Wash Smarter, and Save!

Washnetics, The Science of Automating Car Wash Equipment by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)

Founded in 1988, Innovative Control Systems (ICS) has pioneered numerous technology-based solutions that have automated the point-of-sale segment of the vehicle wash industry. Washnetics     , ICS’s line of car wash equipment, leverages that same spirit of innovation.


Washnetics       applies the principles of Autonetics, the science of automation, to automate the vehicle wash process. Autonetics was originated in the 1940’s by a division of Boeing and laid the groundwork for some of the most important aerospace and military accomplishments of the 20th century including; the Apollo lunar module of the 1960’s, the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the 1970’s, and the Space Shuttle program of the 1980’s.


Today, Washnetics       applies the same groundbreaking Autonetics concepts developed in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond to automate the vehicle wash process in order to meet the demands of the Exterior Express market.


Providing operators like you with several unique benefits, including;

Self-adjusting Equipment

Washnetics equipment is automated to self-adjust to the size and shape of each vehicle providing a customized wash process that results in superior wash quality. Competitive equipment utilizes a one-size-fits-all approach that does not address the fact that a

Ford F-250 has different cleaning requirements than a Ford Mustang. ICS’s Washnetics-enabled Accuwraps self adjust to the size and shape of each vehicle using a combination of innovative software and 3 unique components:

  • Multi-axis inclinometers mounted on each wrap provide X-axis and Y-axis feedback on the exact position of the washer every 200 milliseconds.

  • Automated D-shaped cams use the feedback from the inclinometers to adjust the washer arms in real time to maintain a constant 3-degree angle on the vehicle which provides proper pressure and optimal cleaning.

  • A combination of oversized cores and a custom configuration and cut of Neoglide wash material ensures that the wraps are properly positioned on each vehicle, and wash with the fingers of the wash material.

Targeted Wash Solutions

Washnetics utilizes a targeted approach to applying wash solutions. Wash solutions are targeted based on the size and shape of each vehicle through a combination of 4 functions (Front Function, Upper Side Function, Rear Function, and Oversized Function) which when combined provide for effective coverage of each vehicle. This targeted approach maximizes cleaning, and optimizes wash solutions, water, and sewer expenses while supporting your sustainability initiative.

Reduced Labor Expenses

Automation of the vehicle wash process leads to the superior wash quality that enables you to reduce or eliminate the labor that was previously required to prep vehicles.

Targeted Wash Solutions.png

Durability & Longevity

All Washnetics equipment features a 2-Year Warranty which effectively doubles the guarantee provided by our competitors. This “Industry Best” warranty, when coupled with the durable stainless steel construction of Washnetics equipment, provides you with peace of mind, maximizes your return on investment (ROI), and extends the useful life of your car wash equipment. In fact, the stainless steel used in the construction of Washnetics equipment is approximately 66% - 75% stronger than the aluminum used in the construction of car wash equipment manufactured by other OEMs:

  • Shear strength: +66%

    •   Stainless steel- 50,000 PSI

    •   Aluminum- 30,000 PSI

  • Tensile strength: +75%

    •   Stainless steel- 70,000 PSI

    •   Aluminum- 40,000 PSI

Durablility and Longevity_edited.png

Less Maintenance

Washnetics equipment significantly improves service intervals and minimizes maintenance costs through the use of superior design and materials, for example:

  • The primary wrap arm of the Accuwrap is supported at 3 points by heavy-duty bearings that feature LubX, a specially formulated, high-performance material that reduces friction, requires significantly less energy to actuate, and provides remarkable strength. These greaseless bearings require minimal maintenance and the very first set of bearings placed in service have washed 1.3 million vehicles while showing nearly indetectable traces of wear. The 3 heavy-duty bearings used on the Accuwrap are widely distributed to provide far greater stability and durability when compared to competitive equipment which only features 2 bearings placed in a back-to-back fashion; a design that makes them more susceptible to premature failure. Additionally, Washnetics bearings can be inspected, maintained, or replaced individually which eliminates the need for the forklift that is required to support the wrap arm when maintaining competitors’ equipment.

  • The washer of the Accuwrap utilizes multiple, heavy-duty bearings that are separated per basic engineering principles to improve their load-carrying capacity, and also features threaded shafts that more evenly distribute the weight of the washer. This combination of superior engineering and materials has enabled Washnetics equipment to wash 1.3 million vehicles without needing to be replaced.

Less Maintenance 1.png
Less Maintenance 2.png

Simplified Management

Washnetics simplifies the management of your car wash through a combination of self-diagnosing equipment and automated reporting. Washnetics-enabled equipment self diagnoses error states and sends an automated text or email to the appropriate resources (Owner, Manager, Distributor technician, etc.). Armed with actionable information the appropriate resources can be dispatched with the correct tools and parts required to address the issue quickly and efficiently saving you time and money. In addition, the Washnetics Human Machine Interface (HMI) provides a simple graphics-based interface that allows users of all technical abilities to easily configure, monitor and correct equipment performance in real time.

Simplified Management 1.png
Simplified Management 2.png

Active Pressure Management

Washnetics-enabled equipment actively adjusts pressure to provide safe and effective cleaning. Lower pressure (e.g., 500 PSI) can be utilized on painted surfaces and the driving compartment while higher pressures (e.g., 1,000 PSI) can be utilized on hard-to-clean surfaces such as tires and wheels. In addition, the analytics provided by Washnetics let you know if a nozzle is clogged or needs to be replaced, or if a pump/motor needs service.

Active Pressure Management.png

Marketing Advantage

In addition to providing you with a competitive advantage operationally, Washnetics technology gives you the ability to differentiate your car wash from the competition by marketing a wash that is tailored to the unique size, shape, and cleaning requirements of your customers’ vehicles.

Marketing Advantage.png

Space Savings

Washnetics offers a number of space-saving designs that support the need for superior cleaning with less equipment. Whether you deploy Washnetics equipment in a brand new tunnel, or retrofit it into an existing tunnel, you can be assured that you are achieving maximal cleaning in each foot of tunnel space.