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  • Tunnel Master wbc by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)
    Advanced Equipment Control: VFD Overview
  • Tunnel Master wbc by Innovative Control Systems (ICS)
    Advanced Equipment Control: HMI Overview

Improve the performance of your car wash equipment, and reduce utilities costs through the use of Ethernet-based control; the biggest thing to hit the car wash industry in 30 years.

VFD Panels by Innovative Control Systems (ICS), icscarwashsystems.com, washnetics.com, washconnect.com
  • • Provides real-time control and monitoring of car wash equipment.

  • • Touchscreen-based HMI enables easy setup and simplifies management of VFD configurations.

    • • Provides instant access to the settings and diagnostics of each drive

    • • Enables programming of each drive without accessing the internal components

    • • Convenient event logs indicate all communications, and error codes, of each drive

    • • Optional manual control capability

  • •Ethernet technology provides:

    • • Simplified wiring and installation

    • • Bi-directional communications

    • • Monitoring capability

    • • Remote connectivity

  • • A/C controls temperature and humidity to extend the life of the VFD

  • • Line reactors effectively control harmonics and prevent them from impacting equipment performance

  • • Limits inrush to reduce utilities costs

  • • Optimizes operating RPM as equipment adjusts to cleaning requirements

  • • Enables smooth ramp up/ramp down to eliminate wear and tear on equipment

  • • Automated alerts provide notice if equipment is not operating within established parameters

  • • Prewired at ICS to reduce costs associated with onsite electrical installation

  • • ETL listed

  • • Meets IEEE 519 standards

VFD Panels by Innovative Control Systems (ICS), icscarwashsystems.com

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