EMV for Car Washes, offered by Auto Sentry Petro EMV, from Innovative Control Systems (ICS)

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EMV for car wash

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Why Choose
ICS Auto Sentry
® Petro EMV?

EMV Alone is NOT Enough to Shift Liability from Your Network - Realize the Benefits of a Validated Solution
  • Simplifies and Streamlines PCI Compliance
    • By choosing a Validated Point-to-Point solution you are limiting the exposure of cardholder data to the system subsequently lowering the regulations imposed on you by PCI for compliance.
  • Shifts Liability from Your Network
    • Make sure that you are not the weakest link in your payment chain by working with a processor that supports your EMV hardware.
    • By securing your network with the added protection of Validated Point-to-Point Encryption you offer the highest level of security for your customerís data.
  • Secures and Protects Customers Credit Card Data
    • Maintaining Data encryption from the card-reader all the way to the processor.
    • Without EMV plus Validated Point-to-Point Encryption, data is left exposed and unprotected in your system making YOU the weakest link in your processing chain and potentially liable for resulting damages.
Leveraging Customer Retention Strategies, Tactics, and Tools
  • Increase Repeat Customers
    • Build customer loyalty with frequency promotions
    • Gain brand awareness with custom graphics
    • Cross market C-Store products in custom videos
    • Incentivize buying in bulk with discounts on Washbook packages
  • Real-time Management Solutions
    • Access live data reporting on any device
    • Secure data by controlling access to reporting based on employee level
    • Make price and promotion changes across your network on one, some or all sites from desktop
    • Schedule and send automated performance reports to targeted key people in your organization
    • View the reports that are relevant to you in the customizable dashboard view
    • Simplify integration with our leading edge industry standard development tools
  • Network Visibility
    • Check on equipment status quickly with device monitoring from anywhere
    • Use real time device monitoring for efficient resource allocation to resolve issues
    • Receive email notifications when there is an issue detected by the system
    • Review uptime statistics reports to troubleshoot quickly for site issues
    • Research events by reviewing integrated error codes and event logs
    • Secure credit card data with a segmented firewall
    • Restricting access to sites with 2 factor authentication
  • Sell More Car Washes with Fuel Purchase Interface
  • Take Advantage of Robust Cross-marketing Tools
Take Advantage of Customized Solutions to Achieve Optimal PCI Compliance Standards, While Increasing Your ROI
  • Purchase
    • Get customized equipment built just for you! Meet with our Professional Sales Team to come up with the PERFECT payment solution
  • Lease and Loan Program
    • Buy now payment terms available up to 84 months
    • Sign up with our Finance and Lease program
    • Call for a no obligation quote
  • Take Advantage of customized pricing plans
  • Customized Financing Provided by Ascentium Capital LLC
SAQ Validated Comparison | PCI Compliance
Understand Secure Credit Card Transactions
>>Click on infographic for overview
Click Here to Understand Secure Credit Card Transactions (Infographic)
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