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The Payment Terminal for Car Wash Operators Seeking a Cashless Payment Solution for C-Store Car Washes, In Bay Car Washes, & Express Car Washes!

The ALL NEW Auto Sentry Petro payment terminal will take your car wash program to the next level.

  • • Solve the credit card payment liability shift and secure cardholder data breach problem with an EMV and PCI-compliant solution

  • • Monitor your car wash operations with full data network visibility and connectivity

  • • Real-time system alerts of the device and wash bay unit

  • • Achieve increased revenue and profits with fuel system interface

  • • Leverage robust cross marketing strategies with custom branding

  • • Streaming video and audio can be fully customized

The ALL NEW Auto Sentry Petro payment terminal features the following advances:

  • • 15” sunlight-readable touchscreen display

  • • Multiple EMV solutions with mobile wallet acceptance

  • • New customer-friendly ergonomic design

  • • Optional onboard camera for increased security

  • • Optional barcode reader for wash codes featured in mobile apps and on receipts

  • • Optional card dispenser for gift, book or loyalty card programs

“ICS’s new Auto Sentry Petro gives our ICS customers the tools necessary to compete and win in a car wash industry that becomes more and more competitive every day.”

~ Kevin Detrick, President of Innovative Control Systems.

Payment Terminals for Car Wash Operators Seeking a Cashless Payment Solutions for C-Stores, In Bays, & Express Car Washes by ICS,

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